VIT Tubing

Vit tubing 5276
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Vit tubing 5276 Vit tubing 4614


Vacuum insulated tubing dramatically reduces heat flow from the inner surface of the inner tube to the outer surface of the outer tube. The product is designed to address all three methods of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, and convection.

Helix’s current VIT inventory;

5 1/2" 17# L80 C/W 4 1/2" 12.75# 12CR85 INTERNAL LINER RTS-8

4 1/2" 11.6# L80 C/W 3 1/2" 9.2# 13CR85 INTERNAL LINER RTS-8

X-overs joints for crossover to NC50 connection between RTS- 8/TSH CH

Available immediately, located in Aberdeen.

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