Oilwell M-2000 Drilling Rig

Oilwell m 2000 drilling rig 5428
Manufacturer: Oilwell
Model: M2000
Condition: Used
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Location: Houston, Texas, US


Will be rebuilt to like new condition, with all major components being API compliant.
US manufactured OEM equipment
Stacked in 2009
Lee C Moore 147/30
1,300,000 GNC
Cantilever Beam Leg Mast
Lee C Moore
30’ Height
25’ Clear Under Rotary Beams
600,000 Set Back
1,000,000 Casing Load
1,000,000 Dead Line Anchor
6,000/8,000 Air Hoist
Oilwell M-2000, 2000HP
Baylor 7838W
Rotary Table & Accessories:
Ideco or equivalent 37.5 rotary table, c/w all bushings and CUL 20” Bushing
Independent Drive, c/w GE752 motor & superior transmission
Hook Block:
Oilwell 500 Ton
National P500 Swivel
Top Drive:
500 Ton AC Electric top drive
Mud Pumps:
(2) National Oilwell A-1700PT mud pumps
Powered by (2) Reliance Electric DC motors
Power System:
Ross Hill four bay SCR House
(4) SCR bays and (4) gen. bays
(1) MCM control center
Accumulator System:
Koomey Type 80 Accumulator

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