70 ton hydraulic mooring winches 7733
Model: HMW-70/46 ZICOM
Serial Number: ZIP-1032-01, ZIP-1032-02, ZIP-1032-03, ZIP-10
Condition: Surplus
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Location: BATAM, RIAU, ID
70 ton hydraulic mooring winches 7733 70 ton hydraulic mooring winches 612 70 ton hydraulic mooring winches 2604


70 Ton Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winches.
Model: HMW-70/46 ZICOM
Serial No(s):
ZIP-1032-01, ZIP-1032-02, ZIP-1032-03, ZIP-1032-04.
Drum Capacity: 1000m of 46mm dia Wire Rope
1st Speed Range 70 Ton at 0-7m/min
2nd Speed Range 35 Ton at 0-14m/min
3rd Speed Range 14 Ton at 0-40m/min
4th Speed Range 7 Ton at 0-80m/min
Brake Holding Load: 150 Ton.
Designed and Supplied by ZICOM PRIVATE LIMITED
Including the following: -
Power packs, 4 units (2 x 75kW & 2 x 4kW).
Air Compressors, 4 units.
Fair Leaders, 4 units.
Air Bottles, 2 units.
PLC Control Panels, 4 units.
Electric Starter Panels, 4 units.
- Winch Local Control Stands, 4 units.
- Winch Wheelhouse Control Panels, 4 units.
Unit Dimension: 4830mm(L) x 3560mm(W) x 2660mm(H).
Approximate weight: 38 Tons each.

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