2011 Service King 1000HP Drilling Rig

2011 service king 1000hp drilling rig 2582
Manufacturer: Service King
Manufacture Date: 2011
Model: SK-1000T
Condition: Used
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Location: Humble, Texas, US
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2011 Service King 1000HP Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig

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Make & Model: Service King
Year Manufactured: 2011
Type: SK-1000T Driller
Maximum Depth Rating with 4-1/2” 16.6 ppf Drill pipe: 12,000
Rotary Table: SJ Petro 27.5”
Approximate number of loads to move rig: 19
Main Drum: Hydromatic Brake: 52” Water Cooled Brake Assist Cable Size: 1-1/8” Number of Clutches: 1
Make & Model: Service King
Engines: Make & Model: 2 CAT C15 – 575 hp Each

Manufacturer: Service King Height: 117’
Weight Capacity: 410,000 lb Static Hook Load
Maximum Number of Lines: 8
Last Inspection Date: Current
Top Drive:
Manufacturer: Tesco 250 HMI
Capacity: 250 Ton 475hp Power Package
Height: 16’ Height above base of substructure to underside of rotary beams: 12’6”
Windbreak on substructure: Yes
Traveling Blocks: Make & Model: Century 250 Ton block/hook combo
Elevators: Make & Model: BJ 250 Ton
Catwalk: Length & Height: 48’ x 42”
Pipe Racks: Included
Mud Pumps: Choice of 9-P-100's or PZ9's
Dog House: 10 x 32’ round top skid mounted
Water Tank: 30’ x 10’ x 11’ 440 BBL skid mounted

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