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Tfi f 500 emsco style mud pump 6479

TFI F-500 EMSCO Type Triplex Mud Pump Interchangeable with OEM EMSCO All steel fabricated frame and eccentric crankshaft. Wear-resistant crossheads and guides Three (3) interchangeable FORGED steel fluid ends, each with threaded valve pot and cylinder head covers, piston rods, liner lock and valve guides Discharge manifold with Two (2) 4" 5000 Lbs. API flanged outlets Suction manifold with Three (3) 10" flanged inlets with Two (2) companion flanges, One (1) 10" threaded and One (1) 10" blind; remaining flanged inlet for mounting suction dampener Pulsation dampener complete with 10" mounting flange and air valve API #6 valves and seats with stainless steel springs 6" premium grade piston and liners. Fits API SA-4 piston rods. NOTE: Other sizes and types available upon customer request Liner wash system – one 1" × 1 ½" centrifugal pump, 90 gallon reservoir, hoses and spray rings. Strainer assembly complete with Two (2) 4" 5000# API studded outlets and One (1) inlet and One (1) 4" 5000# API ring joint flange outlet for pulsation dampener Pulsation Dampener support for supporting strainer block and dampener. Accessory manifold complete with One (1) 4" 5000# API flanged inlet and Two (2) outlets; One (1) outlet with 3" NPT connection for relief valve and One (1) outlet with 2" NPT connection for pressure gauge. Less gauge and valve. One (1) Flange and fittings for strainer cross including studs, nuts, ring gaskets, flanges and fittings for installing pulsation dampener, relief valve and pressure gauge One (1) Relief valve, 3" 5000 psi Shear type One (1) Pressure gauge. Structural Steel Three-Runner Skid One year product quality manufacturer warranty.