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Lifeboat rescue craft spare parts 4630

Various lifeboat spares/parts for sale in various quantities as below; - Contractor, Magnetic, For Lifeboat Davit - Gasket, For Engine Cover.m, For Pick-Up Boat - Window, Plexiglass, For Lifeboats - Pump, Water Circulator For Lifeboat - Filter, Oil, For Lifeboat, AMC Filter P/N HI-19-L UI07 - Filter, Lube Oil, For Lifeboat - Kit, Nozzle, For Lifeboat - Filter; Fuel F/Lifeboat - Zimmerring, 125 x 155 x 12mm, For Liferaft - Cover, White, For Pilot Lamp - Cover, Green, For Pilot Lamp - Zimmerring, 35 x 50 x 7mm, For Liferaft - Cover, Orange, For Pilot Lamp - Cover, Red, For Pilot Lamp - Stem;Cap Valve, F/Lifeboat - Strap, For Engine Cover, For Lifeboat - Switch, Limit Electric, For Lifeboat Davit - Washer; Nozzle Joint, F/Lifeboat - Belt, Seat, 4P, For Lifeboat - Rectifier, 24V WZ, For Lifeboat - Valve;Inlet, F/Lifeboat - Spring, Valve, For Lifeboat - Gasget, For Circ.Pump Eng, For Lifeboat - Switch, Temperature Controlling - Valve, Non-Return, For Lifeboat - Switch, Limit, (Lifeboat) - Valve, Cotter, For Lifeboat - Gasget, Thermostat For Lifeboat - Valve, Exhaust, For Lifeboat - Thermostat, Water, For Lifeboat - Wiper, Windshield. Manual, For Lifeboat - Pump, Fuel Oil, For Lifeboat - O-Ring, For Lifeboat Davit - O-Ring, For Ventilator, For Lifeboat - Wiper, Windshield, 28 CM, LGD - Pipe, Injection No. 4, Lifeboat - Pipe, Injection No. 2, Lifeboat - Pipe, Injection No. 1, Lifeboat - Belt, V, For Lifeboat - Gasget, For Rocket Cover, For Lifeboat All of the parts above are currently at our warehouse in Aberdeen. For a full list or to arrange a viewing please contact us and we would be happy to help.


Mud pump spare parts 3942

Various mud pump parts for sale in various quantities as below; - Oil Lip Seals - Clipper Oil Lip Seals - O-Ring - Bearing Carrier, Left, Mud Pump (Photo Below) - Bearing Carrier, Left, Mud Pump (Photo Below) - Pipe, Mud for Washpipe Assy Complete - Gauge, Pressure, For Mud V/V Console - Circuit, Protector, For Mud V/V Console - Unit; Control, F/ Mud V/V Console - Rectifier, Silicone, For Mud V/V Console - Pushbutton, With Lamp, For Mud V/V Cons, Honeywell No - Unit, Switch, For Mud V/V Console - Switch, Micro, Type 2D2-J For Mud Valve Console - Circuit, Protector, For Mud V/V Console - Circuit, Protector, For Mud V/V Console - Circuit, Protector, For Mud V/V Console - Circuit, Protector, For Mud V/V Console - Relay, Aux, For Mud V/V Console - Relay, Aux, For Mud V/V Console - Barrier, Long, For Mud Valve Console, Honeywell - Relay, Flicker, For Mud Console - Condenser, For Mud V/V Console - Pushbutton, Light, Red Lens - Lens, Blue, For Mud V/V Console - Relay, Aux, For Mud V/V Console - Base, For Flicker Relay-Mud Valve Console - Lens, Green, For Mud V/V Console - Barrier, Short, For Mud Valve Console - Lens, Red, For Mud V/V Console - Pushbutton, For Mud V/V Console - Coil, Solenoid Assembly, For Mud System - Lamp, Indicating, For Mud V/V Console - Diode, For Mud V/V Console - Pushbutton, Light, Green Lens - Lens, Red, For Mud V/V Console - Crosshead Guide Screws (see photo) - Unknown Casing Item (see photo and part numbers) - Unknown Casing Item (see photo and part numbers) - Unknown Item x3 (see photo below) All of the parts above are currently at our warehouse in Aberdeen. For a full list or to arrange a viewing please contact us and we would be happy to help.


Used wireline unit skid mounted with operator cabin 9104

USED WIRELINE UNIT, SKID MOUNTED WITH OPERATOR’S CABIN REFURBISHED HOISTING SYSTEM:Drum Assembly of all steel construction with a capacity of 10,000 feet 9/16 inch wireline. A large diameter drum shaft with pillow block design bearings each end will be installed.Drum will be on raised platform for operator convenience. Brake assembly will be of dual aluminum brake bands offering good stopping, holding, and heat dissipation characteristics. A mechanical brake lever, positive locking with an adjustable handle will be installed at operator’s console. HYDRAULIC DRIVE SYSTEM:Drive assembly will be of chain and sprocket design with an idler tensioning system. The drive chain will be double pitch #60 (3/4 inch)configuration. A Sauer Danfoss Series 90100CC Closed Loop Transmission Pump will be installed with control lever located convenient on the operator console. Hydraulic motor will drive the transmission. POWER SYSTEM:Power drive will be an air cooled Deutz 115HP, In-line 6 Cylinder, Four Stroke, 6.5 Litre,EPA 2 Tier diesel engine producing 95 continuous horsepower at 2100 rpm. The engine will have a safety shutdown system in the event low oil pressure should occur. Engine monitoring gauges will be installed with a voltmeter and tachometer/hour meter. A dry type air filter will be included. Fuel and oil filter systems are installed. A spark arresting muffler and rig saver type shutdown system will be installed. A fuel tank of at 40 gallon capacity with a sight level gauge. Drip pan with drain plug under the skid. The engine will drive the hydraulic pump. MAIN HOISTING HYDRAULIC SYSTEM:Hydraulic assembly is closed loop design,2,000 psi working pressure and 3,000 psi intermittent duty, with a rugged duty hydraulic pump drive, gearbox and 5 CID Rineer motor.Control is a directional control valve with infinite drum speed control feature. An operator adjustable relief valve is installed as well. Cross port relief valving will be installed as added protection against pressure spikes for the hydraulic motor when heavy activity is being performed.A safety type pressure gauge, dual scale, is installed to monitor hydraulic working pressure.Hydraulic fluid is supplied from a large reservoir of t 20 gallon capacity with a breather/strainer filler cap and a sight level/temperature gauge. A hydraulic oil cooler will be installed to aid the reservoir in cooling of the hydraulic fluid. Filtration is suctioned by a suction separator and a return filter is featured, . A filter condition monitoring gauge is installed. All hoses and fittings are sized for maximum flow. MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: NOT INCLUDED OPERATOR’S CABIN: The operator’s cabin is all aluminum construction with a square tubing frame work for greater strength. The cabin is well insulated and will have a light colored FRP material covering the walls and ceiling. A well padded operator’s chair with back rest installed at console area. This seat is adjustable and swivel for operator’s comfort. A large viewing window will be located over the drum area and an opening window at entry door and opposite wall. A wide entry door with heavy duty hinges and access handle will be installed. A step over threshold will be incorporated into the door. Roof mounted AC/Heater is installed. The cabin will be approx. (5 foot deep x 7 foo t wide x 6 foot interior height. (1.5m x 2.1m x 1.8m) ) Operators console will be of stainless steel construction and all controls, switches, and gauges will be installed with operator safety,comfort and efficeiency in mind. The console will be located inside operator's cabin behind the drum assembly. ELECTRIC AND ADDITIONAL SYSTEMS: Lighting is inside operator's cabin and over the drum area. Roof mount air conditioner/heater will be installed for cabin comfort MOUNTING SKID:A channel construction skid is installed with drag pipes each end. The skid has protective lift rigging around the skid. Four point lifting eyes are installed as well as fork lift pockets for safer and easier handling of this equipment.


Industrial power wash equipment 1168

Custom Built Industrial Power Wash Trailer Mounted Oilfield Power Wash Trailer $55,000.00 obo, Custom Designed for Industrial Use. Power Wash Trailer Details: Power Wash is Mounted on a Tandem Axle Trailer, upgraded to 10K Trailer package. 25 Gallon Chemical/Acid Pump System. One 55 Gallon drum of concentrate, one PB-1 Raw Pak Degreaser Concentrate. Large Primary Fuel Filter/Water Separator with Branch Plumbing after Filter. 4 100’ hose on reels / 4 Lance guns 18 GPM (gallons per minute) @ 3500 PSI. This equates to 4.4 GPM per gun with 4 guns (independent operation). Min 145 degree heat rise (230 degree max) adjustable with thermostats. (4) separate burners. One for each wand. 51 HP Kohler (Lamborghini) Made in Italy diesel, four cylinder, cast iron cylinders, pressure lubricated w/ oil filter, spark arrestor muffler, low oil/high temperature shutdown, electric (key) start, 65 amp charging system. (one year warranty). 2 Marine batteries. Two industrial triplex pumps, oil-bath, ceramic plungers, fixed-alignment belt drive. Four 210’ coils, spiral-wound, cold wall construction, stainless steel inner and outer wrap. Type A106 seamless pipe, 24,300 psi burst rating. (Lifetime coil warranties). Heavy duty channel steel skid, stainless steel “Cage” design with vibration isolators and stainless steel belt guard. (Lifetime frame warranty) Diesel fired, stainless steel chamber. Max. BTU input is 420,000 X 4 (1,680,000). Heater module framework is all stainless steel. Input consumption is approximately 864,000 BTU with 4 guns at 60% heater cycle. (4.9 GPH consumption). Plumbing for use with water reservoir tank. Two 1 1/2” NPT x filters. (Water INLET) Hot hi-pressure includes 1/2” connection hoses with four 100’ x 3/8” I.D. hoses with stainless steel quick connects, four stainless lance trigger guns with nozzle assortments. Controls: Unloader valves, pressure relief valves, high-temperature shut downs, burner flow shut downs, safety rupture discs, solid state ignitions. A 500 gal water tank, and a 50 gallon stainless steel diesel tank, and a 25 gallon (pre-treat) additive tank. Two Fire Extinguishers All stainless steel components along with coil are warranted against rust or burn through the life of the equipment.