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Dz500 bop handling unit 4214

DZ500 BOP Handling Unit Overall Structure and Specifications DZ500 Handling unit consists of lifting system, moving system, loading system and hydraulic system. Main technical specification: 1. Max. Lift 50 ton 2. Max. Lift Height 10ft. (3.2m) 3. Max. Lift Speed 5 ft./min 4. Max. Lowering Speed 10.5 ft./min. 5. Max. Horizontal Moving Speed 3.94 ft./min 6. Max. Working Pressure of Hydraulic System 2,320 Psi 7. Max. Flow Hydraulic System 32 GPM 8. Diameter of Lift Wire Line 1-1/8” Structure and Components DZ500 BOP has following features: 1. Exposing Proof 2. Load balanced 3. High load capacity 4. High reliability DZ500 consists of two independent systems hanging on the two guide rails that located below the drilling rig floor. The lifting system consists of lifting cylinders, pulley blocks, and lift wire lines. The pulley and wire lines lift the BOP by transferring the horizontal moving force to vertical lifting force. The moving system is consisted of hydraulic motor, gear reducer, the active moving rollers and the passive rollers. The power of hydraulic motor drive the moving rollers by gear reducer, and then drive the hanging BOP moving along the rail. Hydraulic system consists of lifting cylinders, motor, load balancing valve, shut-off valve, regulating valve, directional valve, pressure relief valve, and quick release coupling, wire lines, and control panel etc. the following functions can be achieved: 1. Raising and lowering synchronously; 2. Raising and lowering asynchronously; 3. Moves forward and backward synchronously; 4. Moves forward and backward with limited separation distance (less than 1m); 5. Speed control while moving, rising, and lowering. MAIN SPECIFICATION OF ZKYZ630 HYDRALIC STATION 1. Main pump motor power 50 HP, 460V, 60HZ, 2. Main pump rated displacement 32 Gal./Min 3. Main pump rated pressure 2,320 Psi 4. Oil pump motor power 1 HP, 460V, 60HZ 5. Oil pump rated displacement 11 GA./Min 6. Oil pump rated pressure 72.5Psi 7. Heater power 4HP 8. Total system power 55HP 9. Weight 2160 LBs 10. Overall dimension: 59’×50’×67’