National 110ue 1500hp electric drilling rig 4478

Recently Sold, Please contact us for information on other available rigs.  Classification 1500 HP Electric Drilling Depth Capacity 18,000’ w/ 5” dp Power System Three (3) CAT 3512 B diesel engines with Three (3) WEG 1365 KW AC generators and IDM SCR model 2400 Four (4) bays to power pumps, drawworks, lighting and hotel load Drawworks National 110-UE with 7040 baylor brake powered by two (2) GE 752 traction motors Mast SBI 142' Mast rated at 800,000 SHL Drill Line 1-3/8” EIPS Substructure DRECO 25' high self-elevating substructure with 21' clear height under beams with a rated capacity casing capacity of 750,000 lb and 500,000 lb setback Mud Pumps Two (2) Gardner - Denver PZ-11's each rated at 1600 HP, each powered by two (2) GE 752 1000HP traction motors Rotary Oilwell 27-1/2” Powered by one (1) GE 752 traction motor Top Drive NOV-TDS 11 SA 500 Ton AC Top Drive Block and Hook Gardner-Denver 400 ton Block Gardner-Denver 400 ton Hook Swivel National P-400 ton Drill Pipe 5" od Drill Collars As Required Annular Preventer Hydril 13-5/8 5000 psi WP Ram Preventers Shaffer SL 13-5/8" 10,000 psi WP double ram Shaffer SL 13-5/8" 10,000 psi WP single ram Choke Manifold 4-1/16" x 3 1/16" 10,000 psi WP Accumulator System Koomey (6) station with remote control, 200 gal. Mud System Two (2) Tank 1000 BBL System Three (3) Derrick 513 HG shakers Derrick 2 cone desander Derrick 12 cone desilter Tri-Flo Vacuum Degasser Auxillary Equipment Toolpusher and crew quarters One 500 BBL water tank Automatic driller Totco electronic drilling recorder 0-7 degree drift indicator NOV-Iron Roughneck Type ST 80-C Wrangler 2500 Hydraulic Catwalk 30 ton BOP Handling System


Wilson model 75 1000hp drilling rig 6721

Recently taken off the market.  Please email for more options. Drilling Rig 1978 Wilson “Model 75” 1000hp Carrier Mounted portable Land Drilling Rig 1978 Wilson “Model 75” Double Drum Carrier Mounted Portable Drilling Unit, Lebus grooved for 1 1/8 line. Parmac V-80 Hydromatic brake. Powered by two Detroit V1271 natural Diesel Engines with Allison transmissions. 110’ high 350,000# Telescoping Mast Hydraulic Raised and Scope mounted on 6-Axle Back in carrier. IDECO 160 ton – shorty block hook combination. Substructure – 12’ with Rotary Beams V-Door Ramp, Stairs, and Safety Rails. IDECO 20 ½ Rotary Table. Drilling Rig package includes: Make & Model: WILSON (1978) 1000hp Carrier Mounted Portable Drilling Rig. Type: Model 75 Maximum Depth Rating with 4-1/2” 16.6 ppf Drill pipe: 11,000 FT (Drill Pipe not included) Rotary Drive: Type and Size, Speed Range (rpm):20 ½ IDECO 0-150 RPM Drawworks: Main Drum: Hydromatic Brake: V80_ Cable Size: 1-1/8” Number of Clutches: 2 Make & Model: Wilson ATD-230 Sand Drum: N/A Cable Size: N/A Cable Length: N/A Engines: Make & Model: DETRIOT DIESEL (2) – V1271 natural (500 HP EACH) Derrick: Manufacturer: WILSON Height: 110’ Weight Capacity: 354, 000 lbs Maximum Number of Lines: 8 - Last Inspection Date: 10/24/2002 Swivel: Manufacturer: IDECO Description: IDECO TL-200 Capacity: 200 TON Substructure: Height and Capacity: 12’ 450,000lb. Height above base of substructure to underside of rotary beams: 10’ Windbreak on substructure: X Yes No


New lewco w2214 triplex 2200hp mud pumps 6780

New Lewco W2214 Triplex 2200HP Mud Pumps w/GE Traction Motors Mud Pumps, 7.5k, OEM AC Model W2214 High pressure mud pump rated at 2,200 HP (1640 kW), accommodates 5” (127mm) - 8” (203mm) liners, flow rate 400 GPM - 1,000 GPM and operates at maximum pressure of 7,500 psi (51.7MPa). Complete with the following Standard Features: • HP mud pump mounted on fabricated steel construction two runner skid equipped w/ four lifting eyes • Fabricated high strength steel plate power frame and stress relieved • Balanced crankshaft with forged internal core • Main and pinion gear manufactured to AGMA 11 Standard • Anti-friction roller bearings throughout • Three (3) two piece L-shaped modules • Power-end oil lubrication system driven by two (2) Brown & Sharpe (or equal) #4 pumps driven by electric motors mounted externally • Closed loop pressurized freshwater liner wash system, complete with integral water cooling tank equipped with centrifugal pump and driven by explosion proof electric motor • Two (2) oil sump tanks built into skid with magnet and clean out ports • 5-1/8” API 10,000 discharge flanges • Suction Manifold equipped with 12” ASA 150LB raised face flange connections equipped with internal suction pulsation dampener • Suction line pressure transmitter • Discharge line pressure transmitter • Belt drive transmission: two each motor sheaves and QD mounted pump sheaves; banded Kevlar Vbelts; belt guards; for use with AC drive motors c/w 20HP blower assemblies • Two (2) stroke counters in side of pump frame are supplied as standard wired into j-box • Paint: Blue color RAL 5017, suitable for offshore application • Twenty-Four (24) hour factory acceptance test • Minimum design temperature: 32°F (0°C)