National 110ue 1500hp electric drilling rig 4478

Recently Sold, Please contact us for information on other available rigs.  Classification 1500 HP Electric Drilling Depth Capacity 18,000’ w/ 5” dp Power System Three (3) CAT 3512 B diesel engines with Three (3) WEG 1365 KW AC generators and IDM SCR model 2400 Four (4) bays to power pumps, drawworks, lighting and hotel load Drawworks National 110-UE with 7040 baylor brake powered by two (2) GE 752 traction motors Mast SBI 142' Mast rated at 800,000 SHL Drill Line 1-3/8” EIPS Substructure DRECO 25' high self-elevating substructure with 21' clear height under beams with a rated capacity casing capacity of 750,000 lb and 500,000 lb setback Mud Pumps Two (2) Gardner - Denver PZ-11's each rated at 1600 HP, each powered by two (2) GE 752 1000HP traction motors Rotary Oilwell 27-1/2” Powered by one (1) GE 752 traction motor Top Drive NOV-TDS 11 SA 500 Ton AC Top Drive Block and Hook Gardner-Denver 400 ton Block Gardner-Denver 400 ton Hook Swivel National P-400 ton Drill Pipe 5" od Drill Collars As Required Annular Preventer Hydril 13-5/8 5000 psi WP Ram Preventers Shaffer SL 13-5/8" 10,000 psi WP double ram Shaffer SL 13-5/8" 10,000 psi WP single ram Choke Manifold 4-1/16" x 3 1/16" 10,000 psi WP Accumulator System Koomey (6) station with remote control, 200 gal. Mud System Two (2) Tank 1000 BBL System Three (3) Derrick 513 HG shakers Derrick 2 cone desander Derrick 12 cone desilter Tri-Flo Vacuum Degasser Auxillary Equipment Toolpusher and crew quarters One 500 BBL water tank Automatic driller Totco electronic drilling recorder 0-7 degree drift indicator NOV-Iron Roughneck Type ST 80-C Wrangler 2500 Hydraulic Catwalk 30 ton BOP Handling System


New lewco w2214 triplex 2200hp mud pumps 6780

New Lewco W2214 Triplex 2200HP Mud Pumps w/GE Traction Motors Mud Pumps, 7.5k, OEM AC Model W2214 High pressure mud pump rated at 2,200 HP (1640 kW), accommodates 5” (127mm) - 8” (203mm) liners, flow rate 400 GPM - 1,000 GPM and operates at maximum pressure of 7,500 psi (51.7MPa). Complete with the following Standard Features: • HP mud pump mounted on fabricated steel construction two runner skid equipped w/ four lifting eyes • Fabricated high strength steel plate power frame and stress relieved • Balanced crankshaft with forged internal core • Main and pinion gear manufactured to AGMA 11 Standard • Anti-friction roller bearings throughout • Three (3) two piece L-shaped modules • Power-end oil lubrication system driven by two (2) Brown & Sharpe (or equal) #4 pumps driven by electric motors mounted externally • Closed loop pressurized freshwater liner wash system, complete with integral water cooling tank equipped with centrifugal pump and driven by explosion proof electric motor • Two (2) oil sump tanks built into skid with magnet and clean out ports • 5-1/8” API 10,000 discharge flanges • Suction Manifold equipped with 12” ASA 150LB raised face flange connections equipped with internal suction pulsation dampener • Suction line pressure transmitter • Discharge line pressure transmitter • Belt drive transmission: two each motor sheaves and QD mounted pump sheaves; banded Kevlar Vbelts; belt guards; for use with AC drive motors c/w 20HP blower assemblies • Two (2) stroke counters in side of pump frame are supplied as standard wired into j-box • Paint: Blue color RAL 5017, suitable for offshore application • Twenty-Four (24) hour factory acceptance test • Minimum design temperature: 32°F (0°C)